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Neo-Seul in 2144

Chilling and dazzling concept artwork by artist George Hull for The Wachowskis adaptation of David Mitchell’s mind-bending, provocative and deeply human book Cloud Atlas.

Just some comments, picture by picture;

  • In the dystopian future of 130 years from now old Seul is under water. What you’re seeing are massive dams keeping the water in check. The old town is submerged, but you can see the citadel of lights - the new city, behind it.

  • Daewoo is still in business, no wonder since feudalism never stopped in East-Asia, it just commandeered a more modern and effective system to work for it. By the way; Dae (Great) Woo (Woo - obviously!) is so named after its glorious (Uhm, yeah well..) founder Kim Woo-jung. It’s the second largest megacorp chaebol (from chae: wealth or property + pol: faction or clan) in Korea right now. Largest one known for cars, the two others probably made your computer, telephone, screen, internal components of iPhone or household appliances.

  • The whole old-town-skyscrapers-as-oil-rig-style-shantytowns-concept is pretty damn daunting and awesome. Give you the chills..

  • Since the whole future went to shits we now breed clones for everything, including food. This is a slaughter ship. Yeah.. Abe’s universe isn’t that bad after all.. Soylent green was too subtle!

  • Downtown. Upside is - we finally got flying cars!

  • Floodgates and the horizon. Wasteland.

Watch the movie, read the books and give the artist some kudos. This is really something.

// The Shadow of Pixels

08.24 / 89